Professional Kitchen Installation in Watford & Harrow


In addition to being Watford and Harrow’s bathroom installation specialist, we’re the first port of call for any homeowner requiring a quality, professional kitchen installation. The kitchen is an all-important space that is so often the “beating heart” of a home. After all, an army marches on its stomach and so does a family! As such, it’s important to get it right.


While they fulfil a vital practical purpose, kitchens are far more than just place to prepare food. They need to be both practical and stylish, fully equipped and fit for purpose while adding value to your property. The C J B Property Maintenance team knows how to deliver a well-balanced modern kitchen installation that looks fantastic, and will have you wanting to put on your metaphorical chef’s hat day in and day out!

What to Look for Out of Your Kitchen Installation


Many Watford and Harrow homeowners entertain guests in open plan configurations that revolve around a kitchen installation. They favour bar seating areas and lots of space to move around. Others are avid cooks and want long counters to prepare food, and overhead storage so utensils are within easy reach. Some are keen on eating out or ordering in, and don’t have much need for a large range cooker. Every Watford and Harrow client we speak with has different needs, and tailoring a kitchen installation to meet said needs is where we really excel. We create bespoke kitchen solutions, for you and no one else.


Our in-house design specialists will help you find all the fixtures, fittings and appliances which will combine to make your kitchen installation completely unique, and perfectly suited to your requirements. They are happy to take a look at any inspiration you’ve found online, in a catalogue or magazine, and help you take different elements while still creating something that embodies your individual sense of style.


We’ve built both modern and traditional kitchen installations around Watford and Harrow; we’re very versatile and open to all our clients’ ideas. We’ll consult the Howdens catalogue and help you find the ideal products for you, including:

• Countertops

• Range Cookers

• Conventional Ovens

• Electrical Appliances

• Tiling & Paints

• Bar & Island Seating

Why Choose C J B Property Maintenance for Kitchen Installation?


While our competitive prices and excellent standard of work are great reasons to choose us for your next kitchen installation, perhaps the most attractive aspect of what we do is we’re a “one stop” solution. Many kitchen installation companies require you to call in an electrician or plumber to build the essential infrastructure, before they fit fixtures and handle the decoration. We do everything in-house. From the design, to the plumbing and electrics, to the kitchen installation itself. This saves you time, money and effort.


What’s more, we’re so confident in our workmanship we offer 12 month guarantees on every kitchen installation completed in or around Watford or Harrow, for your peace of mind.


So what are you waiting for? Choose C J B Property Maintenance for any required kitchen installation around Watford or Harrow. Dial 07930 346 158.